Welcome to Shanghai Yihai Machinery Co., Ltd.
Service Line:

Technology transformation productivity

  Established in August 2012, Shanghai Yihai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of fruit and vegetable product processing, dairy product processing, tea beverage processing, condiment processing, CIP cleaning systems, and tea and coffee extraction and other foods. . Provide turnkey engineering services integrating process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging, and technical training.

  Product Series: stainless steel sanitary tanks, tanks and other containers, fruit and vegetable washing machines, fruit and vegetable pressing, fruit and vegetable beaters, filtration, sterilization, concentration, drying, CIP cleaning systems, sanitary pumps, valves and fluid accessories.

  Product use: manufacturing machinery and equipment for fruit and vegetable products, beverages, dairy products, condiments, brewing, biochemical, pharmaceutical, cold drinks, and food additive industries.

International Trade

  Service areas: planning, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, and related technical support.

  We are in a fast-changing, fast-growing industry. Although we have been growing at a rate of over 500% for several consecutive years, the road ahead is still dangerous. Compared to the surging tide of food machinery, we are still starting. We are still in business. We are still full of passion. We have the courage to challenge all authority and “many people still look at the present”. "Impressing the sea" is making great strides toward China's well-known food machinery brands.

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