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CIP cleaning equipment structure introduction

Source : Shanghai Yihai Machinery Co., Ltd.|Release Time : 2018-03-14| Hits : Loading ...

  The CIP online cleaning system mainly consists of single or multiple cleaning fluid tanks and pipelines, distributors, booster pumps, return pumps, pneumatic control valves, acid-base metering pumps, plate heat exchangers, temperature controllers, and conductivity detectors. Level controller, PLC touch screen and control cabinet and other components. Fully automatic single-circuit CIP system adopts a three-tank system with a square conjoined structure and the plate heat exchanger is heated on-line. Acid tank, alkali tank, and hot water tank are all 2000L double-closed tanks, the inner plate is stainless steel SUS316L, and the acid and alkali tanks are equipped with stirrers; the concentrated acid and concentrated alkali tanks are 100L stainless steel tanks made of stainless steel SUS316L . The CIP system is connected with all processing equipment into a circulating cleaning circuit, and the system is fully automated. Concentrated acid and concentrated alkali are automatically pumped into the acid tank and alkali tank with a diaphragm valve. The well-known international supplier and personalized human-machine interface are designed to realize the full automation of operation control. Beijing Rena Asahi can produce according to customer's requirements.

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