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What are the characteristics of CIP cleaning equipment

Source : Shanghai Yihai Machinery Co., Ltd.|Release Time : 2018-03-14| Hits : Loading ...

  1. Compact design, installation, maintenance and debugging are simple; pneumatic components and electrical components are all imported materials, and the performance is stable and reliable. The module structure composed of function blocks can be divided into manual control, automatic selection, and touch screen prompt operation, which is intuitive and easy to understand.

  2, removal of drug residues, to prevent microbial contamination, to avoid the impact between batches;

  3, in line with GMP requirements to achieve the verification of the cleaning process;

  4, can rationalize the production plan and increase production capacity;

  5, according to the procedural arrangements, compared with hand-washing operations, can effectively prevent operational errors, improve cleaning efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save labor, improve drug quality;

  6, to reduce the cost of cleaning, water, cleaning agents and steam consumption;

  7. Can increase the service life of machine parts;

  8, safe and reliable, equipment does not have to be disassembled;

  9. One of the preconditions for hygiene standards in drug production is that it can eliminate cross-contamination of active ingredients and eliminate foreign particles that are insoluble. Reduce or eliminate the contamination of medicines by microorganisms and heat sources. Products have a high degree of automation, easy operation, reasonable price and so on.