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How can users of food machinery industry fall behind after five minutes gathering?

Source : Shanghai Yihai Machinery Co., Ltd.|Release Time : 2018-03-14| Hits : Loading ...

  In the Spring Festival this year, Alipay played another "Five Sets". Compared with before, the difficulty of Wufu Jiqi is much lower. According to sources, the crazy five-minute gathering of “five blessings” by netizens is simply a provocative act.

  The annual “Set Five Fights” grabbed the Red Packet Wars. It was heard that the most missing thing was “Professional Blessing”. A few days ago, Alipay said at the Spring Festival Red Packet Conference held in Beijing that it was necessary to “return the dedicated blessings it owed last year to everyone.” At this time, the food machinery manufacturing industry has something to say. What we don’t lack most is “professionalism”.

  The Chinese nation has always had a tradition of "professionalism and loyalty" and "loyalty to its duties." Professionalism is the traditional virtue of the Chinese people. Throughout the food machinery manufacturing industry, whether it is technological innovation, or the overall optimization of the production line, as well as product quality assurance are inseparable from the technical staff, but also can not be separated from the staff seriously conscientious and dedicated, and strive for excellence professionalism

  It can be said that it is the dedication of countless R&D staff and production line workers that has transformed the food machinery manufacturing industry from extensive introduction and simple copying to independent innovation and R&D. From extensive, single precision, automation, intelligence, and diversity The direction of development. Since then, the industry will continue to hold "professional blessings", ingenuity, and exceed or even overtake foreign countries in terms of technology and quality.

  Perhaps the dedication of the food machinery manufacturing industry, coupled with the "Made in China 2025" and "One Belt and One Road," many companies with stronger overall strength have begun to go abroad, such as the export of instant coffee production lines to India and Malaysia, and the equipment goes international. The market, and all have their own core technology, has obtained a number of patents. "Fortune and Fortune" is not just a country that is prosperous and strong, but many areas of food machinery manufacturing are also becoming prosperous.

  When it comes to "patriotial blessings," there is no need for too much speech. No matter whether it is an enterprise or an individual, the Chinese people have a patriotic feeling, and the food machinery manufacturing industry has also been accumulating. Compared with before, companies have gone from blindly advocating foreign affairs, importing in large quantities, counterfeiting in batches, and transforming themselves into independent research and development, injecting more innovation power into products, and promoting the transformation of machinery and equipment manufacturing from low-end production to high-end manufacturing. At the same time adhering to the concept of strengthening and expanding domestic brands, China's food machinery manufacturing industry has more voice and competitive advantage in some key areas.

  "Friendly Blessing" is like Confucius's saying "There are friends coming from afar and enjoying themselves." It is said to be friendly with others. Of course, the food machinery manufacturing industry also needs to be friendly. We know that if subdivided, the food machinery manufacturing industry can be divided into multiple fields, such as packaging machinery, beverage production lines, sterilizing and filling equipment, extraction equipment, etc. There is no shortage of large and medium-sized companies with different strengths in the same area. Many small and medium-sized enterprises hold group development, close exchanges and cooperation, and promote the sharing of resources and technological innovation in the industry. However, there are products copied and copied in the industry, price wars, etc. These are not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. Since then, the industry needs to continue to be friendly and to create a good atmosphere for the industry, so that "good fortune" diverges.

  “Friendly Shanfu” prefers friendly competition with the industry, and “Harmony and Blessing” requires synergies between upstream and downstream related industries, such as machinery raw materials (accessories), food processing companies, agricultural and sideline products (raw materials), etc. There is a link between interests, and it can be described as a result of the whole body. Therefore, the accumulation of “harmonious blessings” is crucial for deep cooperation between industries and the implementation of follow-up practical work.

  It can thus be seen that while the entire population is robbing the “five blessings”, the food machinery manufacturing industry has “preemptive step”. The difference is that the former only exists for a while, and the “five blessings” of the food machinery manufacturing industry will continue to accumulate!